C.E.M's Industry Positioning and Standards

Cutting edge

C.E.M chooses to work with senior practitioners who are active on the front lines of the international classical music industry.


C.E.M's artists work in theaters and orchestras, as well as teach at universities.

The founder of C.E.M, Michael Lóng, a tenor based in Europe, is a senior practitioner in the classical music performance industry in Vienna. The co-founder, Austrian conductor David Holsinger, as the chairman of the association, is also active on the front-line stage of the European classical music industry, conducting symphony orchestras, opera houses and classical music festivals in many European countries.

C.E.M is committed to

Concerts and cultural exchanges

C.E.M has extensive and professional partnerships in Vienna, including the well-known Vienna Royal Orchestra, Vienna Kaiser Orchestra, Vienna Imperial Orchestra, many well-known musicians from the Vienna Philharmonic, and artists of the Vienna State Opera. As artists, our members also have rich experience in planning and organizing large-scale events, and can provide professional-level performances and cultural exchanges.

Master Class

The philosophy that C.E.M insists on is practice, and those who share "skills" should come from those artists who are active on the stage. They have been working hard to polish their skills at the forefront of the industry all the year round. Experience is the most valuable "knowledge" they can teach students. Master classes are the best way to improve students' cognition and feelings.

Study abroad and enterprise development plan

The members of C.E.M have a deep understanding that the Chinese classical music market has not yet formed a scale and system, and most of the students have no clear goals and directions for studying art and future planning. Our members went abroad to study in the same confusion as before, and finally became professional practitioners through hard work, and can bring clear and professional help, guidance and planning to young people who are in confusion. As a cultural institution, C.E.M has direct links with the local conservatories and universities in Vienna, and can provide corresponding consultation and assistance according to the individual situation of different students.